Contract Killing: ‘UK bombs its way to Libyan oil’

Libya’s got big plans for its post-war future – with hopes of being reborn as the next Dubai. On paper, it’s got the qualifications – sun, beaches and rich oil reserves. Western companies are lining up for their stake – but it’s the UK that is likely to come out on top. RT’s Laura Smith says Libya now grants UK with oil contract for airstrikes London carried out.

So the truth is slowly coming out. Because of it’s support for the  Al-Qaeda backed NTC, the UK is getting the choice cuts in the feeding frenzy to rebuild Libya.

Estimated at 40,000 to 50,000 civilians killed by the UK backed Nato campaign, Gaddafi, close friend of Herman  Van Rompuy, slaughtered in public.

At least it’s allowed Cameron to join the big boys club, know what we mean  Mr Obama


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