Paedophilia & Satanism

It seems the deeper you research the Globalists, the more awful the information you uncover.
I read about former Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath some years ago, but found the article so disturbing I just dismissed it. I suppose the Ostrich in me was at that time too powerful.
Bilderberger Ted Heath, the man who sold the UK down the EU river under the lie of a Common Trading Market, and gave us the three day week was always an odd character, seemingly mixing his time between sailing, music & politics, but it seems there was a much darker side to him.
I only met the man once myself, in the early 1990’s in Biddulph near Stoke on Trent of all places. Two things struck me, one, how small he appeared to be, and second the brown leather, what I always call pork pie shoes he was wearing, funny what sticks in your mind.

David Icke is a person I have been interested in since about the same time. I have usually been met with the “he’s a nutter” stance when I speak about him, however, so much of what he speaks about & predicted has either been proved to be true, or become main stream, he really is worth listening too. It was interesting hearing him in conversation with Alex Jones last week. There was a time when Alex also dismissed much of his findings & research as fantasy, however, it appears he is taking Icke much more seriously these days.

Something Icke said really struck a chord with me. He first made claims about Heath in the late 1990’s, linking him to Paedophilia & Satanism. Journalists contacted Heath about the claims, even reading him the extracts from Ickes book. He did nothing about the claims. I would have thought it would be fairly easy for a former Prime Minister to use the laws of liable against Icke, but he didn’t. I wonder why.

I won’t reprint the claims here, but if you go to and look for Paedophilia & Satanism under the articles section, you can find them there.


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