Europe now looking for a bailout from China – just as the United States is drowning in debt to China.
Coincidence? Not a chance.

Hello all …

Oh, the lies and the theatrics to hide the real story. I watch the long-planned conspiracy unfold with a shaking head as the puppets take the stage to read a script written decades ago and more while claiming to be ‘reacting to events’.

President of France Nicolas Sarkozy, the Rothschild Zionist Mossad agent and his no-soul mate, Rothschild gofer Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, announced a plan this week to ‘save the European economy’ when the idea is to make things far worse a little way down the line.

What has happened before our eyes this past three years (and on-going) is the biggest transfer of wealth from the global population to an elite few in known human history. The story goes like this:

The banking system was crashed on purpose in 2008 after decades of scheming by long-time head of the US Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan (Rothschild Zionist), and his successor Ben Bernanke (Rothschild Zionist) in league with Treasury secretaries and operatives like Robert Rubin (Rothschild Zionist), Larry Summers (Rothschild Zionist) and Timothy Geithner (Rothschild Zionist).

When the economic trap door was opened in September 2008, the Boy Bush Treasury Secretary was Henry ‘Hank’ Paulson, former CEO of Rothschild-controlled Goldman Sachs, who began the process of turning a banking problem into a government and people problem by hosing billions at the banks and financial institutions.

Mr ‘No change, they are only words’ Obama came in at this stage and appointed to lead ‘his’ economic team the very people who helped to purposely cause the problem, Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers, along with former head of the Federal Reserve and Rothschild clone, Paul Adolph Volcker (Rothschild Zionist).

And you’ll never guess – they decided to increase bailout to trillions being handed to the banks and financial institutions at home and abroad at virtually zero interest, mostly on the basis that they would never have to pay it back at all in truth.

This ‘money’ was created out of nothing by the privately-owned (Rothschild-owned) Federal Reserve with the American public saddled with the debt for generations. In fact, America is already so bankrupt that it will never be paid back – the US economy will crash first just as it is meant to do.

European countries followed the same outrageous bailout policies and thus a debt crisis for the European banks (owned by the Rothschild networks) became a debt crisis for governments (owned by the Rothschild networks) who have passed on the consequences to the population in austerity programmes that are devastating for the poorest and most vulnerable.

Then, in comes the Rothschild created-and-controlled International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Rothschild created-and-controlled European Central Bank (ECB) to offer loans to Rothschild-controlled countries like Ireland and Greece to bailout the governments which were insolvent because of the debt taken on to bailout the banks.

Also, in the case of Greece, ‘led’ through the debacle by the American-born Prime Minister George Papandreou (Rothschild Zionist), the country was stitched up financially by Rothschild-controlled Goldman Sachs and its CEO Lloyd Blankfein (Rothschild Zionist). Papandreou is the latest Rothschild Zionist asset prime minister of Greece following his father and grandfather and he caused more chaos and farce this week by first announcing a referendum on the ‘bailout’ package and then dropping the idea.

He won a confidence vote yesterday and talked of creating a coalition government at a time when another bankers’ asset, former European Central Bank vice-president, Lucas Papademos, is waiting in the wings to overtly or covertly lead Greek financial ‘negotiations’.

Papademos, a member of the Illuminati Trilateral Commission, is another Cabal placeman with his background at Colombia University in the United States and as Senior Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Just the man to protect Greeks from the merciless bankers, then.

So now we have the IMF and ECB (owned by the Rothschild banking network) dictating to countries in financial crisis what they must and must not do to be put into still more debt through loans from the IMF and ECB (which is public money anyway).

These ‘terms’ include insisting that the countries sell their state assets at knockdown prices to corporations owned by the Rothschild networks that also own the IMF, ECB, governments and banks – plus introduce austerity measures on the population.

Then there are the Rothschild-controlled ‘credit ratings agencies’ that dominate the world market – Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch’s. These were the people that gave toxic junk owned by the banks triple-A ratings so that investors like pension funds would have the confidence to buy this crap. This was a major aspect of the crash.

Now those same Rothschild-controlled credit rating agencies, which suffered no consequences for their disgusting behaviour, are the same people credit-rating countries. When they downgrade a nation’s credit-worthiness terrible effects follow for the population via a further damaged economy.

So whenever the Rothschild networks want to target a country and collapse its economy they just get the credit rating downgraded and the dominoes immediately start to fall.
In this cold and calculated way, the original crisis for the banks in 2008 has become a crisis for virtually everyone – except those who caused it – and vast tracts of public wealth have been transferred to those who caused it.

But this is not the end of this process. Oh no. The idea is to bring every country to its financial knees so they can be absorbed into a world government and central bank and the plan is to keep on increasing the scale of their debts until there is a collective ‘bang’ that would heard on Mars.

We had all that ‘debt ceiling’ theatrics in the United States a few months ago with ‘crisis talks’ to increase the US ‘debt ceiling’ beyond what the law allowed. That law was always going to be changed to ensure the debt was increased, as I said at the time. It was all a stage show.

It was like ‘phew, crisis over’, when the inevitable agreement was secured; but it was not crisis over at all. It was crisis worse. How can a debt crisis be over when the ‘solution’ is to raise the ceiling and incur massively more debt before the next crisis occurs at a far higher level of indebtedness?

It is crazy, or crazy if you think governments are supposed to be serving the interests of the people. It is genius if you know that the idea is to destroy America so it can be crushed by the world government jackboot.

The same is happening in Europe where this week the Sarkozy-Merkel alliance won agreement for a new ‘bailout fund’ of a trillion euros. Where does that come from? More debt. This is the game – to increase debt to the point where the whole system comes down and a new one – the Cabal’s one – steps forward to replace it. This would be based on a world government, central bank and army.

Current events financially, politically and militarily are one giant collective Problem-Reaction-Solution – the more problems you create, the more solutions (your solutions) you can sell to a bewildered and ever more anxious and fearful public. And Obama, Sarkozy, Merkel, Cameron, Harper, Gillard and all the other souls for sale know exactly what they are doing.
‘They think we’re just responding to events – so funny.’

French leader Sarkozy (the Rothschilds) is already promoting the idea of a centralised treasury for the European Union on the basis that more centralisation of fiscal power is necessary to overcome the crisis caused by centralisation of fiscal power. What he doesn’t say is that this has been the plan from the very start and crisis after crisis has been generated to allow ‘solution’ after ‘solution’.

These ‘solutions’ never work, of course, because they are not meant to. Each solution is designed to lead to another crisis in need of another solution.
Jean Monnet, the Rothschild frontman and so-called ‘Founding Father’ of what has become the European Union, wrote this in a letter to a friend on 30th April, 1952:

‘Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.’

Exactly. They have been playing the same card over and over, decade after decade, to justify the ever more extreme centralisation of power in Europe and never more so than with current events.

There is a simple rule to remember here: If Sarkozy in France wants something it is because the Rothschilds want it. The same with Merkel in Germany; Cameron in Britain, Berlusconi in Italy, Gillard in Australia and, naturally, Obama in the United States and Harper in Canada, one of the most Rothschild Zionist-controlled countries on earth.?

The next stage of the European fascist agenda is the little matter of the ‘European Stability Fund’, or ESM. This is not to be confused with the European Financial Stability Mechanism (EFSM) or the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), although if you are confused then that’s just what they want. The ESM takes over from the other two bodies, but not as like for like. Er, nothing ‘like’.

Give people lots of financial organisations sounding very much the same and we can slip in a real Trojan Horse of extremism without alerting too many people. This is the ‘European Stability Fund’, or ESM, which is not being planned to ‘stabilise’ anything, but to take over financial control of every country in the EU.
Here are a few headlines with regard to the ESM:

It would start with capital of 700 billion euros, but the Board of Governors can increase this whenever they choose to demand whatever they like from member countries.

The Board of Governors would be made up of finance ministers from the 17 euro counties who have the right to order governments to pay these potentially limitless amounts of money into the ESM without any veto or say by national parliaments.

These ‘governors’, or here-today-gone-tomorrow stooges, would be advised by three ‘observers’ – the unelected European Commissioner in charge of economic and monetary affairs; the President of the Euro Group (coordinating the 17 finance ministers); and the President of the Rothschild-controlled European Central Bank, currently Jean-Claude Trichet (Rothschild Zionist). This is where the power would really lie to raid national treasuries at will.

The ratification of this abomination is going on now in the euro countries and it is important that people contact their political representatives to alert them to the consequences because they will almost certainly not even have read the document before deciding how to vote.

Jean-Claude Trichet, head of the European Central Bank, has called for central control of all finance throughout the EU and although he steps down in November a purpose-built replacement has been chosen.

This is another Goldman Sachs placeman, Mario Draghi, vice chairman and managing director of Goldman Sachs International and a member of the company’s management committee between 2002 and 2005.

Draghi was mentored in the United States by two Rothschild Zionists, Franco Modigliani and Robert Solow, and was involved in the covert actions by the Rothschild Zionist Goldman Sachs which led to the demolition of the Greek economy. Small world.

Draghi has latterly been head of the Italian Central Bank while the Italian economy has descended into the mire. He has done such a good job for the Cabal in Italy that he was a natural to be hired to do the same for the whole of Europe.

One commentator said this week of world political and financial leaders: ‘Their solutions exacerbate the mess they made, so they keep throwing money at it counterproductively instead of taking constructive resolution steps.’

The point being, of course, that constructive resolution is the last thing they want – or at least those in key positions answering to hidden masters.

And so to China.

I have been saying since around 1997 – watch for the economic and military rise of China. I was given this information by an ‘insider’ who wanted to ‘get out’, but couldn’t. He told me then that the plan was for a war with China and that the Chinese had incredibly advanced technology waiting to be used that included the ability to de-manifest troops and re-manifest them behind enemy lines.

China has been able to prepare itself for the role it is now playing through all these decades of operating a closed and totalitarian society with the freedom to do whatever it liked at the expense of the freedom of the world’s biggest population.

In many ways China is the blueprint for the global Orwellian society that is planned under names like the New World Order. It not by coincidence that the Chinese authorities have such close ties to the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bushes, Kissinger and other Cabal assets like Canadian Rockefeller gofer, the environmental manipulator, Maurice Strong.
The United States and the “West’ has for decades been fuelling the economic rise of China and demolishing their own economies by outsourcing production to China and others in the region under its influence.

This has been done systematically by those in the shadows while encouraging others to be selfish enough to exploit the Chinese slave labour on offer under the control of one of the sickest governments on earth.

The plan has been to weaken the West to the point where the global Cabal can just walk in and take over. This modus operandi is in fact the origin of the name of a highly significant strand in the web, the Fabian Society, from where George Orwell and Aldous Huxley got their ‘inspiration’ for 1984 and Brave New World.

‘Fabian’ comes from the Roman general Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus, who was famous for the technique of wearing down the enemy over long periods and avoiding battles that could prove decisive either way. When the enemy was sufficiently weakened, he would go to takeover.

This is what is happening now to North America and Europe and how blatant to hear Napoleon Sarkozy saying that they would be approaching the Chinese government for money to fund the bailout of European banks and countries.

The process I have described here has left the West in debt counted in at least the tens of trillions – $15 trillion minimum in the United States alone – while China has cash on the hip to the tune of three trillion dollars. America is in hock to China for staggering amounts of money.

Figures earlier this year revealed that America owed the Chinese central bank close on a trillion dollars with the United States government paying some $100 million a day to meet interest payments on Chinese debt.

Now Europe is being led by Rothschild bagmen like Sarkozy down the same dark and destructive road of selling the collective soul to the Red Dragon. North America and Europe have both massively outsourced jobs and manufacturing to China to build the Chinese economy and then they go with the begging bowl when their own are systematically collapsed – and this is all by chance?

No, it has long been planned and China is now taking centre stage in the global drama as it was always meant to do.
Many parts of Africa have become fiefdoms of the Chinese government as they trade some infrastructure work for control of resources and increasing numbers of countries are owned by China already, in fact if not name.

So the Chinese branch of the global Cabal has moved in on Africa and now the American-European (NATO) branch has its sights on the continent, as we have seen in Libya, and increasing numbers of African countries are being targeted by the US (Cabal) military creation, AFRICOM.

This presents the potential for conflict between China and the West, as do the gathering attacks on countries in the Middle East, especially Pakistan which has a border with China. These are the carefully contrived steps to the Third World War that has been in the planning at least since the 19th century.

It would not be a war between two ‘sides’ in terms of governments, but between masks on the same face while their fodder troops and civilians will have no clue that this is so.

The economic events of this week are part of a much greater picture with China, very much a prime area for Reptilian activity and manipulation going back thousands of years, lurking in the background while America and Europe go under.

China’s time to take centre stage was always coming and we are just about there.
David Icke Newsletter, November 6th 2011


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