Bankrupt Britain to Pay For The Refurbishment Of Wills & Kate’s New Pad.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are to make the former home of Princess Margaret their permanent London residence, St James’s Palace said.

William and Kate have chosen an apartment in Kensington Palace as the place that will become their base in the capital as they establish themselves as a married couple.

The royals will not move in for two years as structural improvements are needed to make the place habitable including the removal of large amounts of asbestos and work on the heating and hot water systems and electrical wiring.

The disgusting aspect of this story of newly wedded bliss is that the cost of refurbishment is to be met out of the Government’s Grant-in-Aid budget – provided to the Royal Household for the upkeep of royal residences. Let me remind you that when they say Government’s, they mean the British tax payer.

It is alleged the The Queen has a private investment portfolio estimated to be worth £3 billion.

Is the world really this mad? We are being forced to pay back debts caused by bailing out the bankers who at best gambled away money they produced out of thin air, and at worst brought this whole catastrophe deliberately . Households across the UK are suffering terrible hardship and they are expected to pay for the living accommodation of a privileged couple, part of one of the wealthiest families in the world.

I understand that this couple is very popular amongst a lot of the UK population. I’m not about to try to persuade people otherwise, but time will tell. Soon enough the truth behind this family will become public.

If you would like a further insight into the Queens wealth:



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