The Desert Lion is Dead

So, the Desert Lion is dead. The proud leader of Libya for over four decades, a leader who held the tribal country together for so long against internal struggles and the good old West was finally finished off in the most public & humiliating way possible being reduced from a world leader, mixing with the great and the good, to a circus side show. Roll up, roll up and view the blooded corpse of the so called evil dictator.

Oh and how the Western leaders are besides themselves with the great victory. Lets face it, he deserved what he got, is the general opinion. Fair enough, he was responsible for the killing of thousands of people, but did he deserve an end like this.

Show me a leader who is not responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent lives, and I’ll show you an empty room.

Gaddafi was a monster, true, but they all are. He made the mistake of believing the West wanted to rebuild links to his country. Funny how he was persuaded to invest the bulk of his countries gold in Western Banks before NATO finished him off.

One thing is certain, he vowed never to flee from Libya and to die in his country, a promise he for filled.

One thing about Gaddafi however has always impressed me, he knew who Herman Van Rompuy is, which can’t be said for most of us.


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