Imagine a World Where…

Posted on October 29, 2011 by admin


Imagine a country where:

1. Electricity is free for all of it’s citizens.

2. Banks are owned by the state, and all loans are interest free by law.

3. Having a home is considered a human right.

4. The government gives all newly wed couples $50.000 to set up their first home and start a family.

5. Education and medical treatment is free for all citizens, and 83% are literate.

6. If you fancy life as a farmer, the government will give you farming land, a farmhouse, equipment, seeds and livestock all for free.

7. If you can’t find the education or medical facilities you need, the government will not only fund you to go abroad, but give you $2,300 per month for accommodation and car allowance.

8. If you want to buy a car, the government will pay half.

9. Petrol is $0.15 per litre.

10. The country has no external debt, and reserves of $150 billions.

11. If a citizen is unable to get employment after graduation the state would pay the average salary of the profession, as if he or she is employed, until employment is found.

12. A portion of every oil sale is credited directly to the bank accounts of all citizens.

13. A mother who gives birth to a child receive U.S.$5,000.

14. 40 loaves of bread costs $0.15.

15. 25% of citizens have a university degree.

16. The government carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country. Source Libyan Free Press

That country was Libya under Muammar Gaddafi . Now it’s under al-Qaeda rule thanks to the Globalist West.

At least 50,000 killed in Libyan war, rebel commander Hisham Abu Hajer says


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